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The Gold Bond EcoSense 13" Cool-Contour Memory Foam Mattress is the answer for customers who are in search of the perfect, health-conscious sleep. This mattress is made up of a 2 different layers in order to add 2 different types of comfort. The support layer consists of a 9" 2.0 lb/33ILD Acella-Flex base while the top layer consists of a 4" 4.0 lb density EcoSense Memory Foam. Together, these 2 layers together add up to 13" of ultimate comfort. One of the great aspects of this mattress is that it is more ecologically friendly than most other memory foam mattresses on the market. One of the techniques used to achieve this eco-friendly status is the combining of castor oil (an odor-free plant-based raw material) with recycled foam polymers. These castor plants are native to Asia and are grown without deforestation, meaning this mattress leaves less of a footprint than the industry standard memory foam. Another great aspect of this mattress is the new, patented technology that allows for 3 methods of cooling. The first method is Dynamic Cooling which means that the natural, open-cell structure of the foam allows for flowing air movement by convection, allowing for the bed to breathe and stay cooler. The second method is known as Latent Cooling which means that the foam absorbs heat to foster more comfortable sleep. Lastly, this mattress is built for Greater Heat Conductivity which reduces the heat capacity in the mattress and also allows for a cooler, drier sleep. These three methods combined with the 2 seperate layers of foam make this mattress a bundle of comfort to die for.

To make this product even more ideal , it is topped off with a luxurious Bamboo Cover to add comfort and as well as dust and allergen resistance. The Bamboo Cover is made of 100% bamboo fibers and it is also 100% biodegradable. What is the Bamboo Cover’s claim to fame?? The Bamboo Cover is constructed to naturally resist bacteria, fungi, and dust mites while containing absolutely no harmful chemicals. This allows the sleeper to have a healthier and more comfortable sleep as well as helping sleepers who may be constantly battling allergies. This innovative cover also has 4 times the moisture absorbency of cotton which allows for a drier and more uninterrupted sleep. Lastly, this Bamboo Cover is proven to be stronger yet softer than cotton. Though this cover is described to be the best of both worlds, it is only the finishing touch on an unbelievable mattress.
Mattress Size Dimensions Regular Price 50% Off Price Sale Price
Twin 38" x 75" $1998.00 $999.00 $849.00
Full 53" x 75" $2398.00 $1199.00 $1019.00
Queen 60" x 80" $2598.00 $1299.00 $1104.00
King 76" x 80" $3198.00 $1599.00 $1359.00

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Need A Box Spring With Your Mattress ??

Twin : $79.00

Full : $129.00 Queen : $149.00 King : $219.00

Bed Frame : Starting At $59.00

Gold Bond Mattresses Are Made In The USA

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